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85th Annual Meeting

Come Meet Your Board Of Directors And CEO!


One of the most important items of business will be the election of Directors.  Jasper A. Brown, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has appointed a nominating committee to fill expiring terms on the board for 2020.

If no shareholder submits a petition to place their name in nomination, we will elect by
acclamation the following nominees to three-year terms. Nominations from the floor of the annual meeting cannot be accepted. To be nominated for a board seat, you must fill out a petition and obtain signatures.

Petition signatures must be on the official petition form available from Sandy Helms at the Main Office on 50th Street.

To seek a nomination, you must be at least 18 years of age, the primary shareholder on the account, and be in good standing with the credit union. Valid petitions require the signature of 360 shareholders in good standing. Deliver petitions to the attention of the Board Secretary 3710 N 50th St., Tampa, FL 33619 by Friday, April 10, 2020. If the nominating committee receives no petitions, the following nominees will be elected to three-year terms:

Robert H. Dexter, 60, is the current Vice Chair of the Board and has served as a volunteer since 2008. He is currently employedby BayCare.

Josh Baldwin, 40, is the current Secretary of the Board and has served as a volunteer since 2013. He is currently employed byBall Metal.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Shareholder meeting in May where there will be refreshments and door prizes.