Chip Cards Are Here

REMEMBER IT’S NOT HARDER IT’S JUST DIFFERENT TO USE YOUR CARD – If you swipe your chip card at a chip-ready retailer, it will not work. It will tell you to insert your card. Most retail personnel will be willing to help you. There are many styles of chip-readers. Railroad & Industrial cards are different too. Both have the gold chip just above the card number. The debit card has a new design as well. Some local stores that accept chip cards are Walmart and Walgreens.

THE CHIP – Your chip card is different than your old card. It contains a “chip” that makes it harder to use your card fraudulently. The chip has embedded secure technology.

SECURITY – Your chip card is more secure because sensitive personal data is not stored within the chip so unauthorized users can’t clone or skim your card or personal data.

USE THE CHIP CARD EVERYWHERE THAT YOU USED THE OLD CARD – Use your card at the places where you’ve always used a debit or credit card. The only difference is “how” you present the card to the merchant. If the retailer is “chip-ready”, you will insert the card into a slot will remain in the card reader until the transaction is complete. If the retailer is not “chip-ready”, you will swipe it as usual. You will be prompted to enter your PIN or sign to complete the transaction.

View a short video. Chip Video