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Stimulus Scam Alert

Fraudsters are attempting to contact individuals via text message, social media and phone calls with various Coronavirus scams. We ask our members to be aware of these potential scams - and protect all personal information. 

Please reivew the following examples of typical Coronavirus fraud:

  • Requests for a processing fee in order to receive a stimulus payment
  • Grants to pay medical bills that re-directs you to a bogus website called the "U.S. Emergency Grants Federation
  • Requests for your banking information under the pretense of direct depositing your stimulus payment

Prevention Tips:

  • Government agencies do not communicate through social media outlets, so ignore any suspicious messages received. 
  • Never pay a fee for a government grant. A government agency will never request an advanced processing fee to receive the grant.
  • Beware of fake government agencies promoted by fraudsters. The only official list of all U.S. federal grant-making agencies can be found at
  • Never provide your banking information over the phone.
  • Contact the Credit Union immediately if you feel your information has been compromised.