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New Vehicle Loans

Our low, fixed rate on new vehicle loans can put you in the new wheels you want with flexible terms and payments you can afford. We will finance up to 100% of MSRP or retail value. To be considered a new, there must be fewer than 10,000 for the current year or previous year.  We also offer you competitive mechanical repair coverage, GAP protection and credit life/disability products.

Used Vehicle Loans

Our low, fixed rate on pre-owned vehicle loans can put you behind the wheel with flexible terms and payments you can afford. We will finance up to 100% of MSRP or retail value. Vehicles up to 6 years old can be financed in our used loan program. We also offer competitive mechanical repair coverage, GAP protection and credit life/disability products. 

Auto Refinancing

If you would like to compare your current vehicle payments with another financial institution with our low rates and payments, check out our current rate page, then call our office and we'll get the refinance started right away and you'll be on your way to saving money, or you can start the application online at any time.

Payment Advantage

Payment Advantage is our lower payment option - some people say it is a hybrid lease. You’ll have lower monthly payments, in some cases as much as 40% lower than a conventional loan. You can finance for up to 60 months with no money down. This residual loan program is not your typical lease, it's better because of its exceptions. Some of the exceptions include:

  • You own the car
  • You can sell or trade the car anytime during the term
  • Call today for a quote.

Auto Advisors

If you hate the aggravation of dealership haggling over price and want to save money, contact our free Auto Advisor Representative to locate your vehicle and avoid the negotiation process. Obtain commercial fleet pricing on new vehicles, below-market pricing on used vehicles, and fair market value for your trade-in.

Kick fewer tires when you use our Auto Advisor - Chris Engel. This service is free and will make the car buying process more enjoyable - the way it should be.

Call Chris at (813) 621-6661 ext. 234 to make an appointment or to give her details about what you are looking for and what you are trading in. 


We have the online tools you’ve been looking for – everything from researching the make and model to locating where it’s parked. It’s all available with AutoSMART. With AutoSMART you can:

  • View our preferred dealers in the area
  • Shop and locate a new or used vehicle all online
  • Take advantage of Railroad & Industrial financing
  • Calculate your trade-in value
  • Use our online calculators

Payment Protection

We offer payment protection plans for your investment. Be sure to ask us more when you apply for a loan. 

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Vehicle Insurance

Buy car insurance with us through our partnership with TruStage. You can find out instantly what your premium will be and can enroll online for the insurance. We offer competitive Auto Insurance, Long Term Care, Medicare and Life Insurance through TruStage.

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GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

Upside Down, Negative Equity Protection
Vehicles are so expensive and we want to help protect you from out of pocket losses. If you take advantage of our lenient + + + financing then GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) coverage is for you. This insurance protects the variance between what you owe and what the vehicle is worth. In other words it protects the GAP. And what’s best of all, you can pay this coverage in conjunction with your payment, ask us how when you apply.

This coverage is perfect for those who finance 100% of the value of their vehicle. If the vehicle is reported as a total loss, the coverage covers the "GAP" between what is owed on the loan and the value of the vehicle. Which will allow you to get new wheels without worrying about paying for a vehicle that has been totaled.

Mechanical Repair Coverage

When you decide to purchase a vehicle, remember your credit union offers Mechanical Repair Coverage at great savings. Three levels are available and you are not tied to a dealer for repairs. The coverage is nationwide and in most cases is transferable if you sell your vehicle before the loan matures. You can add this at the time when you close your loan. Call to request a quote or to find out more about the program. Our repair plans allow you to select the coverage deductible and terms that work best for you, coverage includes:

• Rental and towing reimbursement
• 24-hour toll-free roadside assistance, and
• Emergency travel expense

Mechanical Repair Coverage can be canceled at any time on a pro rata basis.

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