Debit Card & ATM Access

Debit Card

When you open your account at an office you'll get your debit card the same day! When you shop with your debit card, just use your PIN and get cash back at the same time! It's easier than finding an ATM.

Your debit card doubles as your ATM card. If you don't want to pay an ATM terminal fee, remember to use any Presto ATM (Publix), Co-Op ATM or CU/Here/Select ATM. There are thousands nationwide and they are free for our members.

Debit Card Control

Want to freeze your card (control access)?

You can when you download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you've downloaded our app, you can activate (turn on) or deactivate (turn off) your debit card.  Don't forget to activate your card to allow pre-authorized transactions to process. When you deactivate your card, it will STOP all transactions, even those you have approved. 

This feature does add peace of mind when you're traveling or during busy times of the year. It's just one more way your credit union has your financial security in mind.

ATM Access

When you open our checking account you can get cash, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our DEBIT (ATM card) at any machine displaying the following logos CU24, CU Here, CU HereSelect, VISA/Plus, Pulse, or CO-OP. Balance inquiries and transfers are also available.

Locate an ATM: