PC Connect Online Banking

PC Connect is your virtual 24x7 online banking source. With PC Connect, you can check balances, manage transfers, pay bills, set up account eAlerts, activate your mobile device for mobile banking access, change your address online and more!

How to Enroll in PC Connect

No paperwork is required to access PC Connect. Simply contact Member Services during regular business hours at (813) 621-6661 (Tampa) or (800) 769-1424 (US) and request enrollment in PC Connect our online account access service.  Your information will be verified by phone and you will be provided a user name and password to access PC Connect. If you have more than one membership at the credit union, a separate user name and password will be designated for each membership. You can however, cross reference each to transfer funds from one account to another.

For security reasons, the enrollment process is a multiple step process we call Smart Authentication. More information about Smart Authentication can be found below. You can follow these instructions or call us to help you enroll:

  1. On our home page in the Account Access section, select the “Forgot or Get a Password” link.
  2. Enter your Account number.
  3. A secret code will be sent to the email address on file with us.
  4. The email subject will read "Railroad and Industrial Federal Credit Union Secret Code”. The Sender will be from no.reply@rifcu.org.
  5. Keeping PC Connect open, access your email in another browser window and copy the secret code (left click and highlight the secret code, then right click on the highlighted area. A drop down menu will appear. Select the copy); or write the code on a scratch piece of paper.
  6. On the PC Connect screen right click in the Temporary Secret Code box. A drop down menu will appear. Select the word Paste. The code will appear as a string of asterisks; or type it in. Click the Continue button.
  7. A 'Success' page will appear, with a message that a TEMPORARY PASSWORD has been sent to the same email address. You will have 20-minutes to access and use the TEMPORARY PASSWORD. Click “Complete” and it will take you back to the PC Connect sign on screen.
  8. Keep PC Connect open, and access your email account, open the email that includes your "Railroad and Industrial Federal Credit Union Temporary Password" in the subject line.
  9. In the PC Connect logon on area, enter your account number and the TEMPORARY PASSWORD in the password field and select log In.
  10. When prompted to change Password, paste TEMPORARY PASSWORD in CURRENT PASSWORD field, then create and enter your New Password (minimum 4 characters)
  11. If you are a first time user, you will also select a security image and answer three security questions.
  12. You can click the box if you want to register your PC for future use, not recommended for public access computers.
  13. Now you have access to our Mobile Banking platform too!

Risk Account Authentication and Online Banking

PC Connect Online Security

Through the use of Smart Authentication, Railroad & Industrial protects you and your account information when you logon to PC Connect. Smart Authentication protects the privacy and security of your personal information.  Smart Authentication uses multi-factor authentication and layered security factors which you, the user confirms. When used properly, Smart Authentication assures safe Internet transactions.

Railroad & Industrial’s SECURE Online Banking System, PC Connect and its ancillary services EZ Pay, as well as Mobile banking, account alerts and eStatements give you immediate online access to all of your credit union accounts, from the comfort of your home or office. Banking online is easy, convenient and secure.

One part of the multi-factor process involves the credit union. In some cases as they present themselves through our various access levels, we may require you to verify or answer additional security questions. Whenever an increased risk to a transaction warrants it, we will be able to conduct additional verification procedures, or layers of control such as: voice verification by calling you, verifying your membership through various questions and requests, verifying and identifying suspicious patterns, and establishing dollar limits that require credit union intervention.

With Smart Authentication, you will have peace of mind when you access your account information online. You can be sure that:

Your accounts are secure.

Your personal information is carefully protected.
You are protected from unauthorized activity on your account.
The most important piece of protection on your online accounts and requests involves, you the member. The first defense is your responsibility of protecting your personal and online account access information.

For additional information on protecting yourself online visit these websites: